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What makes a product go viral?

Have you heard about the recently opened La Maritxu in Connaught Street, London W2? If so, have you stood in the now long line to reward your taste buds for a slice? Be warned you will need patience if you haven't been and want to try the award-winning Basque cheesecake as it's the latest London foodie gem to go viral.

It joins the Tamworth spud van who got a lucky strike on TikTok and now, apparently, takes £7.5k a day and so many other food companies who have struck gold going viral.

And what now has become the iconic modern day crumble, created by Kim of Humble Crumble. From a market stall to Borough Market and a shop at Spitalfields. The line is long. Patience again required!

And so many others - far too many to name.

So what strikes up the viral sensation? What hooks the consumers and, importantly, to they remain hooked or as quickly as they appear they disappear and head to the next thing?

How to go viral and it's sustainability intrigues me - you too? If I now see a line out on my travels I don't join it but I do have a serious look at it. Well, its an ideal way to find out the customer base don't you think?

So what captures going viral do you think?

Is it ...

  • the brand

  • the story

  • the visual

  • the taste

  • the location

  • the uniqueness

  • the desire to follow and be part of the fan base (FOMO)

  • is it more likely if the product is take away or sit in or irrelevant?

Is it a pick 'n' mix of the above or none of them?

And, does going viral guarantee the success and sustainability of your business? This surely has to be a pivotal element?

Which gets me thinking as to whether products and businesses will be designed with the viral concept at the forefront of their mind. It's certainly tempting from where I stand.

📷 Le Maritxu, Connaught Street, Sunday 4th Feb 2024

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