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Food has always fascinated me from the taste, texture, aromas and visuals to where it comes from, the cultures behind it and the impact it can have on your health. The fast-evolving changes many of which push boundaries like never before within the industry, are quite astounding.

Amelia Rope Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Academy of Chocolate Awards

I’m a food consultant who has experienced first-hand what it’s like to create brand and products from scratch. I know what it’s like to be challenged on an almost daily basis and, at times, when you need draw on an authentic experienced consultant along the way.


I’ve over 16 years’ experience within the food industry, predominantly in chocolate and spent with my multi-award-winning brand Amelia Rope Chocolate. Many of these years were seriously bootstrapped but this didn’t deter me or my brand. The stockists I supplied, awards won, the PR I achieved and connections made a massive honour.


Where my first-hand experience lies:


  • Creating and building an award-winning brand.

  • Storytelling.

  • Award-winning products.

  • Outsourcing production.

  • Packaging and presentation.

  • PR and marketing (links to previous PR in the link below).

  • UK retail and export.

  • Fundraising.

  • Creating a podcast.

  • And building meaningful connections.



Where and how can I help you?


  • Launching a food brand.

  • Building your food brand.

  • Outsourcing of your production and finding the appropriate units as your business grows.

  • Guidance with packaging and presentation.

  • Retail and online opportunities.

  • PR and marketing.

  • Possible connections for partnerships.


Creating a successful award-winning food brand was an incredible experience. It blew me away and still does now. Using years of insight and lessons and helping others achieve their food brand goals, hopes and dreams, is what drives me today.


My ambition is to energise the next generation of producers, creators and entrepreneurs to take their ideas from concept to consumer. Let's talk!



Nourish. Thrive. Shine.

Amelia Rope Chocolate ReBrand - Amelia Rope Food Consultant & Mentor | Award Winning Food Entrepreneur


Have you found times when you just need to a quiet listening ear? That carved out moment of time when you can stop your busy business mind chatter and treasure a nirvana moment where eureka thoughts can happen, concerns dissipate, the mindset reset, and motivation fired up again ready to get back on the exhilarating and ultimately extremely rewarding ride as an entrepreneur.

Amelia Rope Food Consultant & Mentor | Award Winning Food Entrepreneur

Creating a business is exciting but don’t you find that a lot of the time it’s daunting and pretty tough? Doesn’t it seem to draw on every brain cell you possess and more and have you spinning more plates than probably you should really be spinning but still do! The learning curve one goes through though phenomenal, isn’t it?

My mentor, when I was running Amelia Rope Chocolate, was in the form of the inspirational entrepreneur, the late Pat Reeves (Co-Founder of Deliverance and He was my rock, he was my sounding board to bounce ideas off, he challenged me regularly and really got me to sharpen up in areas of my business I needed to. He provided a safe trusted space and in a way, I suppose a form of therapy but in business. I learnt more than you can imagine from him.


And so, with my experience and valuable insights I would love to open the door of business mentoring to you, the budding food entrepreneur, and help you bring your business dreams to life.

A small portion of what I can bring to our mentoring sessions (there is much more):


  • A neutral quiet listening ear.

  • Brainstorm and provide a sounding board.

  • Help you to reignite spark and zest back into your motivation if it’s floundering.

  • Offer a different perspective for you to see things in a new light.

  • Get you thinking and questioning.

  • Help you reach your own decisions to grow in even more confidence and business acumen than you have already.

  • At times challenge new ideas or concepts to help reinforce your decision-making or challenge perhaps out of date ways of working/thinking.


And … it’s a chance for you to tap into my hands-on experience and insights gained with creating and building my multi-award-winning chocolate brand, Amelia Rope Chocolate for over 12 years where I saw quite a few business/economic cycles. I got it right in many areas which made my day, but I learnt more from where I got it less right and the times that didn’t make my day!

Volunteer Business Mentor:
  • The British Library IP Centre – Growth Programme

  • Fine Cell Work (Charity) – Mentoring ex-offenders to return back to the workplace or start their own enterprise.

Nourish. Thrive. Shine.

Amelia Rope Food Consultant & Mentor | Award Winning Food Entrepreneur
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