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Thinking of Starting Up Your Own Business?

Are you thinking of starting up your own business?  Do you have a burning idea that you think millions of others will buy into? Or are you perhaps at a crossroads and feel galvanised to take the leap and do your own thing?


Starting up a business can be exciting.  It can really get your adrenaline racing.  It can ignite a spark within you that drives you to achieve and deliver.  But … it is also tough.  Really raw and relentless with challenges.  It may well leave you with sleepless nights, the inability to spend time with your family and friends and treats which you could previously afford not an option with cashflow and much more.


Photo Credit: Mary Wadsworth

Would I recommend it? 






Because it stretches you beyond where you think you can be stretched.  Think of an elastic band being pulled to the point it’s just about to snap.


You discover so much about yourself.  Some elements that perhaps you need to ‘sandpaper’, other areas of your skills which need to really be encouraged and developed and other parts of you that blow you away, make you break into a beaming smile and just radiate sparkle.  You learn.  You grow.  You develop skills which, I believe, only hands on experience can teach you.


The people you meet, the places you will visit, the recognition your business will get is beyond what you will have dreamed.


Would I recommend it for everyone? 


Probably not.  It takes a certain type of character – one of which I’m pretty sure is in our DNA and with a dollop of frustrations with things not going to plan in life.  You will find it is just constantly in your bloodstream, an internal driver – if that makes sense – to go for it.  But that’s me and not everyone’s experience.


I always knew I wanted to do my own thing. From my early days I would be making money (making cakes, setting up a waitressing business with a friend as soon as I could drive, qualifying as an aromatherapist …). 


Did I have any qualifications?


None that really applied to setting up Amelia Rope Chocolate.  I sought advice and insights from my incredible mentor, the late Pat Reeves (Co-Founder of and Deliverance) who also challenged me and allowed me to make my own decisions.  Vital in mentoring.  And I also learnt daily with the boot camp which arises from creating and running your own business with pretty much zero experience and pretty much zero cash. But if you have any insights into economics, accounting, analytics, marketing, PR et al it all helps!


To get you thinking a little ….


  • Have you tested you product/service?

  • Have you stress tested the finances and your cashflow?

  • Have you factored in that it may take longer than you had planned and that your plan may not be showing the true landscape?

  • Have you a cash buffer?  Perhaps set it up as a side hustle initially to test it rather than going all in?

  • What skill sets do you possess and what are you short of?

  • Who or what is going to fill the gap for the skills you are lacking?

  • Are you going to go it alone or have a business partner?

  • What can you give up from your current life for the sake of your business?

  • Do you have an unbiased experienced sounding board?


Nourish. Thrive. Shine.

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