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The Vital Thread of Building Relationships with Your Suppliers

Updated: Jan 31

Relationships. Brand relationships. How much time do you give to these? I’m only asking as a relationship I developed in the early days of Amelia Rope Chocolate came back as a saviour 10 or so years later.

Photo Credit: Mary Wadsworth

In brief … I had taken on the teeniest investment and with this funding had sharpened up the brand logo and tweaked the packaging. The roll out was planned for the Autumn season and be produced by a unit which I had visited and an owner I had met and spoken with at length. Suffice to say with just 2 weeks’ notice before receiving around 6,000 bars and other chocolate products to kick off the autumn season I was told that they were unable to produce for me. 

My knight in shining armour came from a special soul in the industry, Ken Harrison Founder of Daniels Delights. Ken and his team had produced my 2nd chocolate bar in 2008/9. 

I was exhibiting at the SFF nervously looking at the sample mock ups on display wondering what I would have to sell for the next few months and how my business would survive. The next moment Ken dropped by for a chat. I shared my situation and he immediately said … I can’t guarantee we will meet your deadlines or the amount you need but we will take it on and do our best. They excelled as only Ken and his team would do. 

This relationship quite literally saved my business. Do you know who would save yours?

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