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Luxury flavoured chocolate bars & products

My single origin chocolate collection is all about quality, taste, purity and indulgence. These areas I will not compromise on.  All the bars are made in England and the couverture traded fairly. The Colombian chocolate range is also made using single origin chocolate and created 100% within Colombia which maximises the revenue for Colombians.

One day I hope to build a Chocolate Education Foundation to educate children and adults about the whole story of chocolate focusing on geographical, sociological and cultural aspects promoting vital links between cocoa producing countries and their cultures with the UK.

'...... a British chocolatier giving the French a run for their money.' Rachel Khoo, Side Orders, Daily Mail Weekend 14th October 2014

'The tastiest chocolate in the world, perhaps.  The reason to live.' Jasmine Gardner, Evening Standard September 2014 (Honeycomb & Sea Salt)

'This woman is a genius.  Her pale lemon and sea salt chocolate is second to none' Chocolate Factories, Evening Standard, 15th May 2013

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Product Photography by Mary Wadsworth.