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Amelia Rope Chocolate- Luxury Colombian Chocolate Bar Subscription
Amelia Rope Chocolate - Luxury Colombian Chocolate Three Bar Subscription
Amelia Rope Chocolate - Luxury Colombian Chocolate Six Bar Subscription

Colombian Chocolate Bar Subscription

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Mood-enhancing chocolate, delivered to your door

If you’ve become accustomed to the upgrade that Amelia Rope Chocolate brings to your life, this is the best news. It’s now available on subscription, in three, six or twelve-bar versions. All from Colombian chocolate.

You pay a monthly fee and never have to think about where to find your next intense happiness hit.

Choose all dark, all milk or a mix of these plus white. Quantities of each may vary from month to month, but we guarantee it will all be wonderful.

COCOA FLOWER ...THREE BARS delivered costs just £18 a month.

COCOA POD ... SIX BARS are yours at the door for £33.

COCOA TREE ... TWELVE BARS are just £65, delivered fresh each month for you to give away or enjoy. Three days per bar should do it.

ON TOP OF THAT, all new subscribers receive an exclusive tasting booklet, plus exclusive access to new and, most importantly, NEW FLAVOURS.

We’ll also send a random gift – a box of our excellent kernels, say - to one subscriber per month.

The DARK (70%) pack will consist of a mix of
Dark Honeycomb and Sea Salt
Dark Hazelnut and Sea Salt
Dark Quinoa Puffs
Dark Coffee Bean
Dark Chocolate 

The MILK (41%)  subscription will contain a blend of
Milk Honeycomb and Sea Salt
Milk Hazelnut and Sea Salt
Moroccan Rose
Italian Lemon and Sea Salt
Peruvian Lime and Sea Salt
Milk Salted Butter Caramel

The MIXED version will contain some of the above plus,
on occasion,
Pistachio and Sea Salt White.

Three months minimum per each subscription. Three weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of policy and the customer is responsible for cancelling their direct debit. That’s about it.


We are delighted to say that our chocolate bar cartons are widely recyclable.

Free UK shipping on orders over £50. More on our shipping terms.

Ingredients: Allergens:

Produced where wheat and nuts are also handled. Contains allergens; see ingredients in bold in the ingredients section above.

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