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Need a little help with areas of your business?  Want a hand with starting up?  Dreaming of setting up a chocolate or food business and not sure where to begin?  Potential award-winning recipe combinations?

What experience do I have to bring?

I set up Amelia Rope Chocolate in September 2007 with absolutely no experience at all.  I fell into it and had to swim from the word go.  Challenges have come my way but a few successes and awards too.  Most of the decade has been spent single-handedly steering the helm.  Not from choice ... just how it panned out.  This though has led me to glean a heap of experience across the spectrum of running and growing a business.

Some of the skills I have learnt along the way and can help you with:

Brand Identity
Product design/creation
Packaging design/creation
Sales & Marketing

I am also a Start Up Mentor for the British Library BIPC.

To hear more do just send me an email :