Amelia’s Ingredients

About the Main Ingredients

The Suppliers

I select my ingredients when devising my recipes from suppliers who trade fairly and produce quality ingredients which deliver on taste and purity.

You will not find any genetically modified ingredients, gluten or peanuts in my recipes. (Please do see specific allergens for each product on the product page).

The Chocolate

Obviously the ingredient I use most of is CHOCOLATE!

The chocolate I select for my recipes, or couverture (as it is known in the trade), is supplied from an established and respected chocolate company. They are continuously working to maintain and improve high standards of cocoa practice addressing to continually improve three vital areas: traceability, ethnicity and sustainability.

Focussing on increasing productivity (farmer training, planting material and financial solutions) and supporting the community (education, child protection, women’s empowerment and health) they are working hard for sustainable cocoa.

Single origin couvertures from Ecuador, Madagascar and Tanzania are used to make my chocolate bars and foiled chocolate cubes.

The Ecuadorian chocolate (39%) is made from Nacional arriba cocoa beans. The beans are collected from farmers in different regions Ecuador according to the time of year. This milk chocolate has a wonderful floral aroma and nut flavour.

The Madagascan chocolate (67%) is made from a blend of the three main types of cocoa beans; forastero, criollo and trinitario. The cocoa plantations are situated in theSambirano valley in the North West of Madagascar. This chocolate has a divine citrus/spice end note.

The Tanzanian chocolate (75%) is made from a blend of criollo and trinitario cocoa beans and grows in the Kyela region. The beans used are a mix of RFA, UTZ and organic certified. You will discover this chocolate builds in taste, beginning in a very subtle way and then resonating to a long finish. A real favourite of mine!

The Sea Salt

Originating from a small village, Layer Marney, in Essex, the sea salt I could use none other than the local sea salt from Maldon. The salt beds are on the Blackwater Estuary where I walked a lot as a child and still do when I have time to return to my parents.

The Oils

Still remembering my days as a qualified aromatherapist I use organic aromatherapy oils for many of my flavours (all of which are food grade). Their pure, unadulterated essence brings a sophisticated flavour. You will discover the countries the oils come from on the appropriate flavoured bar page.

Other Ingredients

All the other ingredients used are top quality.