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Amelia &

Amelia Rope is very real, and a credit to each of her names.

Amelia means industrious, always striving for better. Rope means what it sounds like: resilient, goes anywhere, connects things.

Amelia was brought up to believe that anything worth achieving takes hard work. She’s trained in nutrition, herbal medicine, massage and aromatherapy and has learned to apply the last to cancer care. She appeared not once but twice on Masterchef, inspiring a dive further into food.

In 2006 she took a chocolate course at Valrhona which signposted her next vocation. When you train at the top you learn new standards, which never leave you.

In 2007 she put it all together and started Amelia Rope Chocolate.

Initially Amelia Rope Chocolate was a small, bespoke operation with a smart kitchen space in south London. Amelia made all the chocolates. Her truffles won awards, while her unique crystallised chocolate-dipped rose petals, pansies, violas and mint leaves gathered a bouquet of attention.

In late 2009 mentor/mate Pat Reeves, co-founder of, put in an order for 1,000 bars. At the time Amelia didn’t make a bar, but six weeks later she’d created the recipe, designed the packaging and by September 2010 had her first retailer – she was stocked in Selfridges. The tale took off.

These days Amelia still travels to meet her growers and suppliers and ensures she knows exactly what raw materials she’s buying. She gets both boots and hands dirty. The chocolate costs what it does because it needs to.

She may be a bit of a packaging perfectionist. She uses FSC paper and exquisite ribbon. But as she says, why settle for anything less than exceptional chocolate, and why dress it down? Each re-acquaintance with your favourite things should be an occasion. If that means just a square or two a day, so be it. Eat less. Eat better. Feel better.

Amelia embraces the outlook that appears on her chocolate: life is for embracing. Like everything, chocolate can be humdrum or exceptional. Life is short. Choose exceptional.

Savour each piece. See how the logo catches the light. Put it down. Come back later. Admire yourself.