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Amelia Rope Chocolate - Luxury Colombian Chocolate Bars

Colombian Chocolate Bar Gift Set (Four Bars)

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A luxury gift set which includes 4 of our Colombian chocolate bars. Each bundle is carefully ribboned with VV Rouleaux ribbon.  Who wouldn't smile on receiving one of these?

Just select the combination which tempts you in the scroll down option and they will be on their way to you or your lucky

  • Dark Honeycomb & Sea Salt / Dark Salted Butter Caramel  / Milk Moroccan Rose / Milk Caramelised Hazelnut & Sea Salt 
  • Milk Peruvian Lime & Sea Salt  / Milk Honeycomb & Sea Salt  / Milk Moroccan Rose / Milk Caramelised Hazelnut & Sea Salt
  • Dark Coffee Bean  / Dark Honeycomb & Sea Salt  / Milk Honeycomb & Sea Salt / Milk Peruvian Lime & Sea Salt 

The Social Impact

Our fine flavour cocoa beans are grown across Colombia.  To make even more of a social impact in our luxury chocolate bar the cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, vanilla and soya lecithin are all Colombian too.  A salute to a developing country who grows some of the best flavoured cocoa beans in the world.


We are delighted to let you know that our chocolate bar cartons are widely recyclable and the packaging is plastic free.

All our chocolate bars are made in England.


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Ingredients: Allergens:

Produced where wheat and nuts are also handled. Contains allergens; see ingredients in bold in the ingredients section above.

Nutritional Analysis: Weight: 70g