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What's New ... Chocolate Kernels

Amelia adores exploring ... discovering new people, places, cultures, food.

Most nutshells aren't especially edible.
Ours our.  Especially.

She headed off to Catalan and returned with the new range of our chocolate coated nuts  ... Chocolate Kernels .  Each chocolate coated kernels is made in a small batch by a Catalan family with exceptional care.

Bite into a roasted Marcona almond covered in white chocolate and then dusted with passion fruit or sea salt from the Canary Islands.  One bite and we are pretty sure you will be hooked.

Not forgetting all the dark chocolate admirers we have Defiantly Dark ... roasted Spanish hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate with a dusting of cocoa powder.

Round as the moon, 
dark as the night,
Like marbles in a dream.