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Easter Time - See How Our Easter Eggs Are Made

It's that time of year again ... when there is no need for an excuse to consume wonderful chocolate ... if you ever need an excuse too! Easter.

This year we have created our mini Easter eggs using our ethically sourced Colombian chocolate in our bestselling flavour; salted butter caramel.  Each egg is carefully made in two halves which means you have two times as much luxury chocolate enjoyment!

Amelia was with the team when the eggs were made (in fact she will be returning this week to help them make more and get foiling) and in this blog you will see some of the photos she took whilst she was up in the North.

To keep both milk chocolate fans and dark chocolate fans happy we have placed 4 of each in each bag.

About Our Packaging

We already have widely recyclable cartons for our Colombian chocolate bars and recyclable boxes for our Chocolate Kernels.  This Easter we have popped our Easter eggs into biodegradable plastic bags.  Something which is important to our Founder.

See the Eggs being Made

Below you will find a few photos Amelia took and notes about how the Easter eggs are made.

The chocolate is melted and tempered and the salted butter caramel flakes blended in to the mixture to create the flavour.  The Easter egg moulds are warmed very gently and then filled with the chocolate recipe. Below you can see Martin having filled the mould and about to smooth the chocolate across the mould tray to fill each Easter egg cavity.

Amelia Rope Easter Egg Production


Amelia Rope Filled Easter Eggs Mould

The Easter eggs are vibrated on a vibrating table to minimise air bubbles in the chocolate pieces.  They are then placed on trays and ready to be cooled.

Once cooled our Easter eggs are tipped out of the mould onto a tray.  Here are the Dark Salted Caramel Butter eggs.  

Amelia Rope Easter Eggs

And then the Colombian chocolate Easter eggs are ready to be foiled and packed by our fab packing team.

Amelia Rope Easter Eggs on Trays

 The final product ...

Amelia Rope Easter 2018

We only have small amounts of our Easter eggs made so do order as soon as you can.