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Maldon sea salt is one of Amelia’s magic ingredients for her chocolate creations. As it’s one of her favourite ingredients it finds its way into plenty of her recipes.

Amelia grew up in Layer Marney which is about 20 minutes away from The Blackwater Estuary, Maldon and the home of the finest sea salt. Once an Essex girl always an Essex girl!

Maldon sea salt started up back in 1882 and by 1900 was supplying Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. In 1922 the Osborne family bought the company and they still own it today.

To form the salt crystals sea water is filtered and then boiled. The crystals, we buy and Amelia blends into her recipes, are then ‘drawn’ from the pans. Utter magic and all harvested in the natural way.

You can explore how sea salt works in both milk and dark chocolate in plenty of Amelia’s recipes. A few of the many flavours to choose from are Honeycomb & Sea Salt, Hazelnut & Sea Salt, the Gold Award Winner Lemon & Sea Salt.