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Your Very Own Chocolate Bars - Private Label or Co-branded

Your Very Own Chocolate Bars ... Private label or Co-branded

Are you looking for your very own luxury single-origin chocolate bars? Would you love to design your own packaging and have bars to send to all your friends, clients, family and more.  Or perhaps have your special recipe you have made at home made to share with your colleagues, social media, bloggers and more?

Then we may just be able to help you.

You can select from our single-origin Colombian chocolate couverture range. (The base we then go on to flavour). 

Shut your eyes and imagine ... would it be white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate.  What cocoa solids %? You can have 100% cocoa solids if you wish to go the seriously dark side of cocoa.  It can be made without refined sugar or sugar free.  Vegetarian friendly, vegan friendly. 

You name it ... we will create it. 

And would your bar be flavoured or unflavoured?  Would it be floral, salty, nutty, or citrus ... it's all possible.

(Co-branding clients can also use any flavours from the award-winning chocolate bar range or create their own recipe.  Private label clients can only use their own recipe).

Select your Coloured Foil 

You can even select your own coloured foil too.  Ranging from pastel pinks, apricots to deep dark rouge and black.

Amelia Rope Chocolate Foil Range

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