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Personalised Corporate Gifts - Fromental - Chocolate Bar Commission

It's amazing how something seemingly so small can be so powerful and big for brand recognition.  An quintessential idea for personalised corporate gifts.

Fromental and Amelia Rope Chocolate

Fromental are masters in design.  To see their hand stitched silk panels and luxurious wallpapers and fabrics is a reward for the senses.

Fromental's brief for the commission was for the chocolate bar to be using our  ethical 70% Colombian dark chocolate.  Each chocolate bar to be then foiled in our fuchsia foil.

The design of the bar carton was down to their incredibly talented team.  With a Japanese influence their definition on the back of the carton was a perfect balance.

Inro {in-roh}, n.
A traditional Japanese case for holding small objects.  Most commonly used to carry medicine, or in this case one of life's best medicines: Chocolate.

A fantastic way for your brand to be remembered.  To share at a meeting with clients or colleagues.  A chic thank you gift when someone goes the extra mile.


Fromental Design and Amelia Rope Chocolate