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Life is short; so why not choose exceptional?

One of Amelia’s favourite accolades of praise about her early chocolate flora creations is that they were deemed ‘worthy for Marie Antoinette’s table’.

Marie Antoinette was probably best-known for her lavish parties with no expense spared. The last queen of France she was the epitome of elegance, adored having fun, and wasn’t shy of her opinions.

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘let them eat cake’? It is thought that Marie Antoinette uttered these words when she was told that her French subjects had no bread to eat. Many at the time felt this to be a ‘callous’ statement, yet this would seem to have been highly uncharacteristic of Marie Antoinette. She seems to have been a highly intelligent lady, and one who despite her own lavish lifestyle, displayed much sensitivity to her subjects as well as being a regular patron and donor to a number of worthwhile charities.

She also showed great pluck right up to the point of her execution when she was reported to have said “ Courage? The moment when my ills are going to end is not the moment when courage is going to fail me”. Her life was incredibly complex but one thing was clear; she was a tastemaker, and much admired by countless Frenchwomen who aspired to her sense of fashion and style.

It has definitely taken courage and dogged determination to establish a first-class taste experience using only the finest ingredients sourced using a truly global and sustainable larder.

It’s true that in her day, the former queen was a supporter of the luxury trades, and of course, we like to think that were she alive today, she might just serve up a few of our Chocolate Kernels at one of her infamous dinner parties.


Watch: Marie Antoinette Directed by Sofia Coppola

Eat: Macarons by Laduree

Drink: Cocktails at the Fumoir Bar, Claridges

Wear: Oiseaux de Nuit, Annick Goutal