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Jo Lambell, Founder of the online florist, Beards and Daisies

If you are lucky enough to have received Jo's flowers you will know why I am so proud to supply her with our Milk Rose chocolate bars and also share our chat ....

Jo was frustrated with never being able to find a wonderful bunch of blooms to send to her mum.  So ... she quit her career in retail to change this.  Beards & Daisies came to life.

A wonderful name for a company ... what was your inspiration?

There were lots of 'sensible' business names in the short list however I have yet to speak with someone who hasn't asked why. It's a talking point and than can only be a good thing right? To cut a long story short, my sister and I were planning her wedding flowers. The brief was very wild and the only flower she was adamant on including was daisies. We realised all the men involved in the ceremony had beards and in a moment of sisterly insanity we coined her wedding 'Beards & Daisies' The name stuck!

Can you remember your first order and what the lucky customer had?

My first order was from a competitor, which can only be flattering however the first genuine order made me do a happy dance, she ordered a purple and white letterbox bouquet which interestingly is still a best selling combination as lilac coloured flowers are quite limited.

Which is your favourite flower and what memories does it evoke for you?

I adore lupins which flower in early summer. They are so unusual with their pillowy petals and ombre effect colour. My mum grew them in our garden as children and they make me feel terribly nostalgic when I see them.

What has been your proudest moment to date with Beards & Daisies?

I'm very supportive of small businesses and we've been lucky enough to receive some fab awards for our bouquets with stiff competition from larger and more established businesses. I'm proud that both the product and business is being recognised and the hard work is paying off!

Can you share with us one of your funniest moment in Beards & Daisies?

When the business first launched shortly before Valentine's 2016 we advertised in a national newspaper to help launch the business. Sales were incredible but we couldn't keep up with demand so I foolishly agreed to help deliver to a section of London as the courier wouldn't wait any longer... I delivered to a new development and left the car outside. I was buzzed through the entry system however, after delivering the flowers, I quickly realised I was trapped inside with LITERALLY no way to get out. I was forced to climb over some 6ft high gates, thoroughly embarrassing if anyone could see me! Needless to say I let the couriers do their job and I do mine these days.

When you go through challenging times, like we all do, what keeps you going?

A friend once said to me that if running your own business was so easy everyone would do it. Be mindful that the challenging times pass and take the rough with the smooth. 

Do you think it is more challenging setting up a business on your own in this day and age?

If anything it's easier to start a business these days as there is so much support and knowledge available for start-ups. The difficulty is growing the business in an age when there is so much competition. Now people want a connection with the business, to know their story, people really do buy from people and that's a challenge for an online business.

Three words to describe your times as being Founder so far?

Fulfilling. Exhausting. Ever-changing. 

How do you switch off?

We've just got a labrador called Loki so there's plenty of distraction in and out of work, he likes everything to revolve around him.

Chocolate Eclair or Chocolate Brownie? 

Brownie every time - the gooier the better

Diamonds or aquamarines?


The colour which makes you feel totally yummy ... is ...

Emerald green.

Beards and Daisies Clemmie