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Dr Chintal Patel, GP and Advocate of Healthy Eating

 Dr Patel is an inspiration.  She is a fantastic GP (I can vouch for that as she is my GP) but also really cares about diet, nutrition and is a fabulous cook.  

Along with being a GP and actively instagramming (drchintalskitchen) she is also a wife and mum of 2 energetic boys.

I had a chance to grab a chat with her recently  ... and below is what we chatted about ...  You will also discover her fab Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe too.

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

It’s got to be Avocados!  I absolutely love them and my children detest them!  I sneak them into all sorts of food from Indian Thepla (a spicy Indian flat bread) to chocolate mousse (see my recipe below) in a bid to persuade my children to love them.

I’m on a mission to have them eating Avocados whole and ‘unhidden’ one day soon... watch this space... I will definitely be sharing that news on social media!

Do you have an ingredient which challenges you with its taste/flavour or to work with?

I don’t eat red meat (personal preference - I just don’t like the taste of it). However, my husband and children enjoy it.  I sometimes find it tricky to cook as I can’t taste it and I have limited experience of cooking with red meat.  However, it is a great source of protein and iron so I do incorporate into my children’s diet at times.

What food couldn't you live without?

Chocolate off course!

A sneaky treat in your top drawer at work ...

My top drawer is really pretty boring... it contains medical equipment! I’m quite OCD about my consulting room so it’s pretty organised unless there has been a locum in my room.

However... the second drawer is where I keep my snack supply for mid clinic consumption… usually nuts and seeds or a homemade fruit and nut bar.   The third drawer contains a selection of shoes! I come to work after dropping my children to school, this is always easier in trainers and I change my shoes when I arrive at my surgery.

Who are your top tasters?

My husband and children!  My colleagues at work are often subjected to the odd tasting too.

Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate Eclair?

Can I say both?!  I’m not sure I can choose!

Where do you see the role of nutrition and medicine going in the future?

I see an exciting future ahead for nutrition and medicine.  I definitely think they go hand in hand.  I’m not saying what you eat cures cancer but it definitely plays a role in how your body reacts to certain diseases or the development of some chronic medical conditions.

Let’s look at type 2 diabetes for example.  Patients with type 2 diabetes who drastically change their diets and lifestyle and work to lose weight can reverse their diabetes without medications.  

I think more and more doctors and chefs are raising awareness of healthier lifestyles and food is a huge part of this.  We all need to eat,  but if we can make simple small switches to our diets long term then we can all reap the benefits of living healthier lives and less visits to the doctor.

What would be your dream for a decade's time?

My dream has always been to write a cook book... if I had a published cook book in 10 years time that encourage families to eat healthier and to eat together that would be a dream come true!

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

You have been brillilant and kindly shared this recipe with us ... what make's it special to you?

This is the recipe that first persuaded my children to start eating avocados.  Even if the avocado is ‘hidden’ you can still taste the flavour of it.  I’m hoping this is the start of their avocado journey!

It’s also simple... (I’m a firm believer that healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive) nutritious and contains Amelia Rope Chocolate's dark chocolate.... one of my favourite ingredients.

Recipe: (makes 4)

2 ripe avocados
100gms dark chocolate 70%
2 tablespoons maple syrup
Handful of chopped pistachio nuts & edible rose petals for decoration

Melt the chocolate.

Blend the avocado pulp with the maple syrup

Mix the avocado mix into the melted chocolate.   Sprinkle with nuts and rose petals (optional)  & set in the fridge until ready to eat

That’s it! So simple....