I had a wonderful morning, a few weeks ago, with the team at Jing Tea for a Jing Tea and Amelia Rope Chocolate pairing.  You will discover our pairing ideas further down this post.  Jing Tea, founded in 2004 by Ed Eisler, is an incredible tea company which will open your eyes to the magic of a serious tea ceremony.

I thought the pairings may give you some ideas...

With so much choice of amazing tea and quite a few bars from my range we took a ruthless decision and reduced  the pairing to 4 teas and 3 chocolate bars!  Here are our pairing ideas …..

Dragon Well and Pale Lemon & Sea Salt
Lots of people add a slice of lemon to their green tea.  We discovered the decadence of Dragon Well’s chestnut and hazlenut aromas drew out the salt notes  from the Ecuadorian Lemon &  Sea Salt bar and balanced perfectly with the hint of lemon.

Puerh and Dark Mandarin
Peurh’s richness and smooth texture complemented dark spicy, citrusy Madagascan chocolate and contrasted beautifully with the mandarin citrus notes.

Wuyi Oolong and Big Robe Supreme and Pale Rose

We found that  Pale Rose paired brilliantly with Big Robe Supreme.  The rose aromas with the honeysuckle finish of the tea made us all smile!  The honey sweetness of the Wuyi Oolong and its rich and creamy finish led to an elegant pairing.

If you are a specialist tea fan do try Jing Tea.  It is a real treat and one I am sure your tastebuds will relish in!