Would you like a little help with selecting seriously delicious milk chocolate gift ideas for Father’s Day ? A special day to celebrate with your Dad or ‘adopted’ Dad. I admit to my father being a milk chocolate fan. Over the years I have managed to convert him from consuming his favourite Toblerone to my single origin milk chocolate bars !
The milk chocolate I use in the range is single origin and made using Arriba cocoa beans grown in Ecuador. It has a wonderful slight caramel flavour to it and leaves you with a very clean end note which means you can just have a chunk or two and not consume the whole bar!

If you would like to spend around £10 (excluding delivery) then what about a chocolate bar duo; either from the ones I have selected on line or perhaps select your own. I can then ribbon these up for you. What about a plain unflavoured milk chocolate bar; Pale Edition 01 combined with a sea salt delight; the recent Award winning Pale Honeycomb & Sea Salt, Pale Hazelnut & Sea Salt, the Award winning Pale Lemon & Sea Salt or Pale Lime & Sea Salt.
For a little more, around £15 (excluding delivery) I would recommend the seriously delectable Pale Lemon & Sea Salt Caramel truffles. There are 10 in a box which should in theory last your Dad 10 days!

Then for a bonanza of a gift there is always the box of hand foiled single origin Pale Collection Cubes 24, or Pale Sea Salt Collection 24 as well as selected gift options. (Free delivery with all orders over £40).

If you require any further guidance as to what to select from my range do just email me at