Award winning chocolate has to be good ! I was delighted to discover that two products from my range had been awarded Bronze by the Academy of Chocolate this year:

Academy of Chocolate - Bronze Award

The Academy of Chocolate, whose Patron is Michel Roux, is an organisation which is involved in educating professionals, manufacturers, buyers, the media and consumers about the importance of using top quality chocolate and ingredients. I have been fortunate enough to win awards over years. Most recently I have been invited to be one of the judges which I thoroughly enjoy. There is a load of wonderful chocolate to taste and it is interesting seeing the two sides; as an entrant and then as a judge.

Pale Honeycomb & Sea Salt is created using single origin Ecuadorian chocolate blended with small pieces of crunchy honeycomb and Maldon sea salt. Inspiration flowed when I devoured yet another Crunchie bar ! The combination of sweet, salt and crunch is seriously delicious and has now become one of my top sellers. Do give it a try or treat your family or friends to a bar.

The award winning dark sea salt caramel truffles were launched last Autumn. Mmy tastebuds were craving dark chocolate and sea salt caramel. You will discover a crisp dark chocolate shell to bite into and then revel in the sea salt caramel which is made using Maldon sea salt. One is quite enough to delight in but two truffles is perfection ! There 10 truffles to be enjoyed in each box; plenty for you and one or two to share too !