Chocolate Bars

Academy of Chocolate Winner 2011

The chocolate bars are all made in London.   Each bar weighs 100g which means a lot more luxurious chocolate to share or enjoy yourself. The outer plastic sleeve also enables your chocolate to remain fresher if you don't manage consume the whole bar. 

I am utterly addicted to them but then I am totally biaised! If you have any questions about the bars do email me via the contact us page. 

Information on the Ingredients

The bars are alcohol free and are suitable for vegetarians.  Soya free bars are Dark Edition 03 75% Tanzania, Dark Hazelnut & Sea Salt Edition 01, Dark Sea Salt Edition 02 and Dark Raspberry Edition 01.

I don't use any gluten and/or egg in my recipes but there may be a trace of gluten or egg in the bars.

The bars are not suitable for anyone who has nut allergies as I use nuts in my recipes.

Dark Editions

These bars are suitable for vegetarians.  I believe the dark edition bars are also suitable for vegans but it is important to note that the Dark Editions are made in the same environment as Pale (milk) chocolate and eggs so I cannot guarantee they are free from traces of dairy.

Pale Editions

These bars contain dairy.